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It's very important to us that, not only you enjoy our happy house cards, but many others can as well.  As such, the following policies have been established and will need to be understood before our transaction is complete.

Rental and Reservation:

We will begin installing our greetings after 8:00 pm the night before the requested card date unless a specific time is given.  We will be picking up the cards the following night unless additional time has been requested.


1.  In the event of a damaged or stolen sign, the renter is the responsible party for the replacement of the item stolen or damaged.  You will be invoiced for the damaged/stolen item.

2.  Payment is required at the time of order to confirm and book your date.

3.  Please, no one jumping on, jumping over, playing inside the lawn greeting. 

4.  Please do not use lawn trimmers and/or allow mowing debris to be blown on the lawn signs. Grass stains the signs.

5.  Pictures are allowed by the signs, but please do not remove from ground or rearrange.  This could damage the signs or the stakes.

Surprised Person/Party: 

1.  Please do not damage, remove, or throw our signs in the trash or the garage.  If you are unhappy with the card/greeting, please contact Happy House Cards @ 314-221-0746 and we will remove the card promptly.  


1.  If you must cancel your booking, you can choose to receive 1/2 your booking rate as a refund  (if it's within 24 hours of the event) or leave your booking fee in the account for future purchases.  

2.  You will receive a refund if weather conditions prevent us from setting up the sign display.

3.  You will not receive a refund if:

a.  The wrong address was given to us and we could not reach the purchaser or surprised party.  

b.  The homeowner prevented us from placing the sign in the yard and/or the homeowner had an animal that prevented us from placing signs in the yard.  

c.  Denied entry into a gated community.  

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